Buying a home is no small thing, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Hard, honest work and the sacrifice required to complete a task properly are things Bethaney learned early in a family of military professionals. Bethaney often moved with her family every two years, providing opportunities to experience the diversity and culture of small towns and large cities. She understands how important the nuances are; how one small thing can make a big difference in your forever home or investment property, Bethaney actively works to find a perfect fit to meet your needs. Bethaney joined the Keri Shull Team to be a part of a group with a reputation for hard work and attention to detail. Understanding how a competitive market requires a competitive edge, she has worked for the past two years as a real estate agent while enhancing her professional education with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Real Estate Development at Liberty University. As a Virginia resident and volunteer firefighter, Bethaney knows these communities well and has an active interest in seeing them flourish, she has the tough mentality needed to fight for you. Outside of work Bethaney spends her time between the family farm, dinner with friends, and socializing at DC Young Entrepreneur meetings focused on real estate development. You can often find her exploring the different cities, the local fire department, or Barnes and Nobel.