Chris is from New Jersey and grew up playing basketball and baseball. He has degrees from Rutgers and Seton Hall University, the latter being where he earned a master’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. He is an imaginative and vibrant storyteller who maintains a regular schedule of writing fiction and reading novels. His personal work can be best described as character-driven with elements of realism and satire.

For over four years, Chris has worked in content creation and editing in two different industries. He brings experience in cultivating brand identity and specializes in the development of copy for target audiences. He has a keen eye for detail complemented by a knack for conveying meaning through story. His software knowledge includes WordPress, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

Outside of work, he is a film junkie who also loves the outdoors. He often played hooky as a kid so he could rent Jaws from the local library. It remains his favorite movie to this day. He spends his summer weekends fishing for flounder off the Jersey coast and arranges cabin retreats to hike new trails with his wife and chihuahua.