Like many before her, Grace fell in love with our nation’s capital as a summer intern. After  graduating from Saint Leo University with degrees in Economics and Globalization Studies,  Grace began her career in Global SaaS Consulting, advising clients on digital trends and PR  strategies. Grace could not escape her love for architecture and home design and in 2020 she  

decided to take her sales skills to the real estate world.  

Grace prides herself on taking a data-driven approach to real estate investing. Constantly  pouring over housing and banking regulations, federal reserve minutes, and trade policies that  affect the real estate supply chain, Grace is certain that there is no such thing as a bad market  for those who know how to identify opportunities. 

Originally from South Jersey, Grace’s favorite activity is spending time at the beach with family  and friends. Around DC, you can easily find Grace in an Orangetheory class, sampling new  restaurants, or heading to a DC United Game. She currently lives in Georgetown with her best  friends and a bulldog named Albert.