Nenad was born and raised in Kruševac, ex-Capitol of Serbia, and moved to Belgrade (the current Capitol) to continue his higher education. He speaks a lot of languages including English, German, Arabic, and all the ex-Yugoslavian ones, but he highly favors the one of Marketing.

Nenad started off as a Graphic Designer (and absolutely loved it!), which eventually led him into the murkier waters of Performance Marketing. He now handles all media buying platforms of the Keri Shull Team.

As the team’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Nenad is in charge of creating and optimizing advertisements for all of the Keri Shull Team’s listings. In this role, Nenad has swiftly become a billionaire — at least, if you are counting in ad impressions.

He is a very good guitar player (slightly above the “that guy on the beach with a guitar” level) and absolutely adores blues-rock.

He has a pet snake (Zmicke), a Belgian waffle dog (Goa), and 2 leopard geckoes (Gecke & Ernesto).

Nenad swims like a shark.