I was born in Tucson, Arizona but my family moved to the Washington DC area before I turned one. I have lived my whole life in the Falls Church, Arlington area. My mother was born and raised in Mexico while my dad is native to the United States. His grandparents immigrated from Sweden to Maine, eventually migrating out west to establish their own farm in Missouri where my dad was born.

I spent the first portion of college attending NOVA Community College before transferring to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where I completed my degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

My previous work experience includes a wide variety of categories such as: neighborhood babysitter, Children’s Special Events Specialist at the McLean Community Center, customer service representative at Best Buy, Lyft driver, Neuroscience rat lab testing for traumatic brain injury (TBI), bartender, and pet care service provider with nearly 10 years of experience. My current pet care business began shortly after the economy started revamping post-pandemic and has bloomed in the recent months.

In my free time I enjoy going on walks with my dog, Laika, as well as playing with my two cats, Oliver and Koda. I also enjoy crafting personalized items with my Cricut and laser machines and creating my own designs. I’ve started taking an interest in aquascaping as well and have begun revamping my 30-gallon fish tank with plans to upgrade my 60-gallon tank next. I also enjoy swimming and lifting weights, anything that can get my blood pumping and body moving!