Rex is a Washington Area native having attended school in Montgomery County, MD and then his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland.  He went on to have a career in Media and Advertising having worked across several mediums from Newspaper, Radio, Sports and Digital Advertising.  Telling a brand’s story is critical to break through the “noise” and have the consumer vote with their action.  He has taken that skill and passion and transferred that into real estate whether it’s helping a Seller tell their story about their home or helping a Buyer write their story in finding the perfect home.

He lives in Rockville, MD with his wife and two daughters.  In any giving month, Rex and his wife Isabel are working on a renovation or remodel project.  They have flipped several homes around the region and is a resource for his clients who are thinking about doing any upgrades.  He can help his clients see what the home “could be” versus “what it is.”