Growing up in a military family, Rob has lived all over the United States. Moving around so much all his life gave him a deep appreciation for the importance of home. After spending 20 years in the hospitality industry, he has learned to connect with people, anticipate their needs before they ask, and help them have amazing and memorable experiences.

After moving to northern Virginia in 2016 with his partner, he was a Keri Shull Team client and saw the hands-on professionalism first-hand that helped him quickly find his dream home. That led him to pursue a career in Real Estate and help other families realize their dream of home ownership. When you choose Rob as your agent, Rob will create a great client experience for you, from the the first call to handing over the keys and beyond.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find Rob baking bread, cakes, and cookies or adventurous cooking with his partner. He enjoys travel and photography, and over the last year of travel restrictions, he’s explored the local area and discovered beautiful places right in his own backyard. Rob loves to get lost in the tiny vignettes you might find on a charming walk or Sunday drive. This is how he find great gems here in the DMV. Some things that impress him about a neighborhood are a blend of historic landmarks, remarkable architecture, and a few shops and restaurants.