Ryan brings over 10 years of experience in retail to the team, which has defined his expertise in operations and management. Working for a major retailer has taught him the importance of efficient operations and the power of excellent customer service. He has extensive experience with team building and knows how to grow and foster relationships between team members as well as customers.

Ryan has worked for different sized companies ranging from a European start up to a global, top 100 company. His previous work has led him into his current role in hands-on customer service where his goal is to create a stress-free experience that enables everyone to feel like home is within reach.

As a father of four girls, Ryan has a deep appreciation for the meaning of home and providing a safe haven for one’s family. He is genuine, friendly, and very much easy to talk to. Outside of work, you can find Ryan overanalyzing his vegetable garden that he built with his 3 year old. He loves spending time on bike rides with family or taking everyone to the beach to be with grandma and grandpa. He is also a true Buckeye fan.