As a seasoned professional in real estate, Somer places great value on the trust her clients invest in her, consistently striving to surpass expectations. Drawing from her background as a Marine Corps veteran and former Huey pilot, she embodies the discipline, communication skills, loyalty, and integrity essential for success in the business world. Well-versed in the challenges of relocation, Somer excels in alleviating clients’ stress, transforming transitions into moments of reflection and anticipation.

Driven by a passion for top-notch service, compassion, and perseverance, Somer utilizes her creative vision to think innovatively and attain real estate goals. As a veteran, dedicated spouse, and parent, Somer brings a distinctive combination of skills and empathy to her professional endeavors.

During her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, exploring, and playing with their two doodles: Boone and Bella.