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The Keri Shull Team Will Help You Buy Your Dream Home, Guaranteed!

Off-Market Exclusives

Gain access to over 160 exclusive off-market properties in Arlington. Skip the bidding wars and save time, money, and stress!

Tailored Lending Solutions

We work with top local lenders to create a lending program that suits your needs. Strengthen your offer and secure your dream home in Arlington.


Winning Offers

In Arlington’s hot market, our unique process helps you stand out without being the highest bidder. Get the keys to your dream home!

Buyer Guarantee

We offer a 1-Year Buying Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your home, we’ll buy it back or sell it for free. Buy with confidence!


No one should feel stuck in a home that they don’t love — which is why we offer a unique 1-Year Buying Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely happy with the home that you purchased, then we will buy it back from you or sell it FOR FREE. This ensures that you buy your new home with 100% confidence while minimizing stress and risk!

Benefits of buying your home with us

Off Market Properties
Off Market Properties

We have over 160 exclusive off-market properties waiting for the right buyer — and we are getting more every single day!

Unique Lending Programs
Unique Lending Programs

We work with top local lenders and experts to create an arrangement that suits your financial needs!

Competitive Offers
Competitive Offers

Our unique closing methods will help you create a compelling offer on the house -- so you can beat out other buyers and win your dream home without being the highest bidder!