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Move Up & Sell Guarantee

In a single month, thousands of homeowners face the question: buy first or sell first? If you buy before you sell, you could run the risk of having to afford two homes, and if you sell before you buy, you’ll need to figure out new living arrangements, and fast! This stressful dilemma is what real estate industry insiders call The Real Estate Catch 22. This emotional and financial tightrope is one that most people have to walk alone because the majority of real estate agents have no way to help with this predicament.

You should always do your research when it comes to selecting an agent. Before you hire anyone, you need to interview several different agents to find out if they offer any kind of guarantees in regard to selling your home. A guarantee ensuring your home will sell is critical in a market where sellers are looking to avoid any uncertainty or hassle. Unfortunately, most agents simply can’t make this kind of guarantee!

Luckily for you, Keri Shull can make this kind of guarantee, and much more! We created our own Move-Up Buyer Guarantee Program to solve The Real Estate Catch 22 for our clients.

Move up to any of our current listings and we will sell your home for FREE! Register today or give the Keri Shull Team a call for more details on this amazing program!

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