Last week, Cherrydale welcomed Gaijin Ramen Shop to the neighborhood when owners and friends Nicole Mazkour and Tuvan Pham opened the doors to the authentic Asian style restaurant.

The menu boasts traditional ramen flavors and menu items but the two are also exploring offering more creative options like some type of lobster ramen. A  bowl of ramen costs between $10 and $11, which does not include extra toppings, and while this is a bit expensive, it’s a reflection of the fresh ingredients and extensive preparation put into the dishes.

Gaijin Ramen Shop took the place of the Kite Runner Cafe which closed a few months back. During the two months it took to build out the new restaurant, the owners kept and paid all of the staff from the previous restaurant.

The pair is working on getting their liquor license, opening outdoor seating, and expanding the menu to reflect a more modern take on the traditional Asian cuisine.

For more information on the Gaijin Ramen Shop, click here!