This is one of the most popular neighborhoods for new construction homes in the DC area — but why do developers love it so much? Join the Keri Shull Team as we tell you everything that you need to know about the Ashton Heights neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

The real estate market in Ashton Heights is thriving right now, as is the case for most spots in Arlington, Virginia. We are seeing a ton of traffic as people are moving up from Arlington condos to the single-family homes in more suburban neighborhoods of Northern Virginia and DC. This means the condo market along the Orange Line is shifting — in fact, it is a perfect market for first time home buyers!

So join the Keri Shull Team today as we share everything that you need to know about the Ashton Heights neighborhood of Arlington VA.


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Where is Ashton Heights in Arlington VA?

Ashton Heights is a tree-lined, residential neighborhood in Arlington County, Virginia. It sits just to the south of the bustling Orange Line neighborhoods, meaning that Ashton Heights offers amazing access to Arlington’s urban conveniences. Although new housing developments are moving into Ashton Heights, the neighborhood has retained a friendly and peaceful community atmosphere.

Like many neighborhoods in Arlington, Ashton Heights has a history stretching back to the early 20th century. At the beginning of the 1900s, the area that is now Ashton Heights was mostly farmland. However, as the trolley system began to connect Arlington’s disparate neighborhoods, more and more homes were built in Ashton Heights. The area saw another boom, beginning in the 1980s, when the Washington Metro further improved transit in Arlington and Ashton Heights.

Living in Ashton Heights

Ashton Heights is a protected historic district. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, over 80 years after it was first subdivided. The 781 contributing properties in the neighborhood represent an important sector of architectural history. All told, the beautiful and historic homes in the area are crucial to the unique character and atmosphere of the neighborhood. 

Although there are many styles of homes in the protected district of Ashton Heights, the most notable properties are indicative of early 20th century fads. Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and Cape Cod are all common architectural styles in Ashton Heights, though other home layouts are increasingly popular in the housing market. 

Transit Options in Ashton Heights

There is no dedicated metro station for Ashton Heights, but the proximity of the main Orange Line stations means that residents can easily traverse the DC area via public transit.

Because Ashton Heights is so close to the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, you can also easily walk to the Ballston-MU Metro station with no hassle!

If you would rather eschew public transit, AshtonHeights also offers convenient access to some of the main throughways in the DC area. The neighborhood is bordered on 3 sides by major roads. Arlington Boulevard lies to the south and Glebe Road lies to the west. Because of this, people living in Ashton Heights should have no trouble taking advantage of everything on offer in Northern Virginia and the DC area. 

Finally, Ashton Heights is notable for having great access for cyclists. With a Bike Score of 90, most commutes and daily errands can be accomplished via bike. This is great news for people looking to live on a budget in the Washington DC area or skip DC’s infamous traffic. 

Owning a Home in Ashton Heights

In general, houses in Ashton Heights hold their value and appreciate well, meaning that buying a home in the neighborhood can be a smart investment for many people.

There are many different types of homes on the market in Ashton Heights, a relic of the neighborhood’s history. Just by walking down the streets of this area, you can find homes varying from colonials, craftsmen, bungalows, cape cod homes, and more. 

Many residents of Ashton Heights own their homes — and it’s not hard to see why! The neighborhood offers amazing access to public transit and urban conveniences without sacrificing a close-knit community atmosphere. 

Finding a Home in Ashton Heights

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