The Arlington neighborhood of Bluemont is a quiet suburb outside of Ballston, but what separates it from the neighboring suburbs? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Bluemont stand out from the rest.  

About the Neighborhood

Bluemont is one of the larger suburban neighborhoods in Arlington, VA along the lengthy Wilson Boulevard that stretches across the entire county. Most of the retail and amenities are positioned along this road out of an abundance of convenience. This neighborhood stands as a great example of why people love living in Arlington

The neighborhood is broken up into several subdivisions, such as Brockwood, Lacey Forest, and Brandon Village. Both to the north and south of Wilson Boulevard are the residential sections—quiet, tree-lined streets that see little traffic. Sandwiched between Virginia Square and East Falls Church, Bluemont is a wonderful family-friendly location with easy access to public transportation and much to do when it comes to fun and activities. 

Like most suburban areas in Arlington, Bluemont has those calm, relaxing characteristics that counter the fast-paced, bustling city life. Yet, for being such a quiet area, it has a surprisingly appreciable nightlife and contains plenty of places to frequent, with even more just next door in Ballston

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Top Places in Bluemont

Wilson Boulevard Restaurants

Along the main road are several reputable restaurants consisting of a variety of cultural cuisines. Outside of Rosslyn, VA restaurants, these are some of the best. Choose from Pupatella for pizza, King of Koshary for Egyptian dishes, Layalina for Lebanese and Syrian cuisine, or Istanbul Grill, which is a Turkish restaurant near the edge of town. It’s not uncommon to find these places packed to the brim.

Arlington Forest Club

One of the neighborhood gems is a local tennis and swim club. Residents appreciate The Arlington Forest Club as a great place to maintain a healthy lifestyle with several available wellness programs. It also offers private swim lessons for kids of all ages.

Bluemont Junction Trail

The Bluemont Junction Trail runs from one end of the neighborhood to the other. The span of this trail is a biker’s dream. It’s no surprise Bluemont has a strong bike score of 83—getting around town is a breeze. At the very end it meets with two large parks full of picnic tables and various outdoor activities.

Bon Air Park

Extending from north to south along the west side of the neighborhood are two parks, one of those being Bon Air Park. This park is home to one of the beautiful gardens near DC, filled with over 120 different types of roses. The Bon Air Park Rose Garden is an ideal spot to relax and take in the scenery. But the garden isn’t the only attraction here. Picnic areas and playgrounds are available for a fun family day outdoors.

Living in Bluemont

One of the more appealing aspects of Bluemont is easy access to public transportation. There’s no metro station within its borders, but the Ballston Station is a couple blocks outside of town. And given the fact that Bluemont is a mere mile wide, getting to the train station from the western most side doesn’t take long.

Because of the convenient metro access, Bluemont sees many career professionals moving here and still commuting to nearby tech hubs and cities. With excellent schools available to Bluemont residents, it tends to be a popular destination for those with families. 

The neighborhood is also known for being friendly and welcoming. It is represented by a tightly-knit community, the type of place where many neighbors know each other well. Most of the homes consist of single-family colonials, farmhouses, and cape cods, while near the edges you’ll find townhouses. 

Finding a Home in Bluemont

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