The Keri Shull Team celebrated the end of Q2 in style with a rooftop pool party at The Liaison hotel in DC. The team saw incredible growth this quarter, adding 25 new members and bringing our total to 82!

Even more incredibly, the majority of the new positions added were in support and marketing roles. In fact, about half of our team is made up of supporting positions. Why? 

“We built out our support team first to give the sales team what they need,” Keri explained. 

By growing our team of support first, the sales team has access to amazing resources they need to grow their own business. 

“It’s not too good to be true,” Keri continued, “you actually do get that support here!”

As a result, our team has been able to help as many clients in the last 6 months as we did the entire year in 2018! From increasing the volume of leads ten-fold to going above and beyond to give our clients their all, the entire Keri Shull Team’s dedication every single day is making the impossible a reality.

And we’re not done growing yet! With openings in all departments – both sales and supporting – the Keri Shull Team plans to continue to expand in the second half of 2019. Check out some highlights from the Q2 Offsite event below.

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