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The DC Metro Real Estate Market is Highly Competitive

The Washington DC area is often seen as a transient region. In large part, this is because of how common relocation is in the District. The DC, Maryland, and Virginia area (more commonly called the DMV) is home to huge corporations like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as many military installations and federal offices.
As a result, thousands of working professionals, military personnel, and government employees relocate to the Washington Metropolitan Area every single year.
That is why the Keri Shull Team has an entire department dedicated to help people who are relocating either buy or sell a home in the Washington DC area. Our full-service team offers a wide variety of relocation resources, including Area Tours, assistance Buying and Selling Homes, and a national network of preferred partners who help make the relocation process a breeze.
Our robust Relocation Department consists of highly skilled and highly trained specialists. We collaborate with third-party relocation companies to ensure that your regional transition is as stress-free as possible.
Using state-of-the-art strategies and technology, we take a comprehensive role in the relocation
process, ensuring a smooth transaction for all parties involved. Our unique process is designed to benefit the transferring employee, his or her family, the employer, the third-party relocation company and the agent alike!

The Keri Shull Team is the top-selling real estate service in the entire DC area

— and clients benefit from our in-depth expertise in all areas of their relocation. Some of our special expertise includes market forecasting, real estate investment education, and town amenities such as schools, cultural attractions, local dining, and centers of worship.

KST oversees an in-house team of relocation experts, which coupled with the deep knowledge of the company’s highly trained real estate sales associates, continually exceeds expectations in service delivery and integrity of purpose.

We know that relocating means more than just moving into a new home — it can mean a new commute, a new workplace, new schools, new routines, and even new friends. We know that it changes much more about your life than just your house.

Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, you can rely on KST to help prepare the way. Our full-time, professional relocation staff will do everything necessary to make your move as smooth and worry free as possible. We’ll work together with you to develop a relocation plan specifically tailored to your needs…so you can stop worrying about your move and start getting excited about your new home!

We have helped thousands individuals and families relocate both into and out of the Washington, DC area. Our expert relocation specialists are extremely well-trained in how to provide you — or your employees — everything you need for a painless relocation process.

If You Are Moving To the DC Area:

Here are just some of the relocation services we provide for people moving to the DMV...

Our in-house team of relocation specialists will provide you with the professional assistance you need to make your tran sition as smooth as possible Read More ⇣
Extensive Relocation Package including area-specific guides which include information on schools, communities and the co st of living. Neighborhood tours tailored to the specific needs of the transferee Read More ⇣
Education on how to get the best price for your new home, including how to win a competing offer scenario without being the highest bidder Read More ⇣

If You Are Moving Out Of The Area:

We’re sorry to see you leave DC!

But, no matter where you are going, we will help you find the home and community that perfectly meets your needs. Furthermore, we can take care of getting you top dollar for your DC home, if you need to sell before you move!

For our sellers, we use our world-class marketing strategies to provide maximum exposure of their property to a wide range of potential buyers moving to our market area. This way, we can drive interest in your home and get you the best possible price when selling!

Our exceptional staff of relocation coordinators facilitates timely and effective communication between your clients and our team of relocation-certified agents to ensure buyers’ and sellers’ transitions are as smooth and worry-free as possible.



We are here to serve you.

Our team of expertly trained Military Relocation agents understand that the needs of the military don’t always allow families lots of time to make detailed transfer plans. Our goal is to make your move easier and less stressful by helping you prioritize all that needs to be done.

We understand better than most, because we have been there too. Our founders, as well as many of our agents and staff, have faced the relocation challenges that come with military service. We get it.

We work with current and former military service members to find housing solutions that best suit your needs, and leverage strong relationships with affinity groups like Navy Federal Credit Union to ensure you’re able to take full advantage of your military benefits.

Whether you are going from Fort Meade to Fort Bragg, or from the Pentagon to Pensacola, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your relocation is simple, swift, and stress-free!

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