Reviews - What Our Clients Say

Micah's challenge in buying a new home wasn't necessarily figuring out what he wanted, but finding someone who would understand exactly what he was looking for. Knowing Micah was a busy man, Cooper made sure he kept him up to date with every place he thought would fit his criteria. Ultimately, Cooper found Micah a place he was thrilled about and got it 10k under the asking price!
Steve and Alexa had the challenge of selling their home and buying a new home at the same time. Doing both of these simultaneously in this market can be very tricky, but our team made the selling process smooth, and were always ready and available to show properties all over the DMV. Steve and Alexa ended up finding a new home that they absolutely love, and were more than satisfied with the process of selling their home!
Rob & Bryan were on the lookout for a new home with more a bit more space and privacy than their DC property provided. But, they were faced with the fear of owning two homes at once. Our sales manager and agent Danielle was able to come in and seamlessly assist in the transition to their new Annandale Home.
Janice was a first time home buyer who was a little timid at the beginning of the process because she wasn't sure whether it was the right time to buy and what she could afford...a problem most are facing in a time where the inventory is really tight. Aimee Ranalli walked Janice through the entire process step by step and referred her to Thad Wise to talk through the financials. Aimee and Janice met for an appointment March 22nd, and were under contract by March 31st after finding a home she was thrilled about!
Joe's biggest challenge in his home buying process was he had a very short time frame, and was already a very busy man. Kyle made the whole experience much easier for him, came up with a strong offer, and ended up buying the house for $3K less than the asking price!
Alex had a few challenges going into his home purchase including: it was his first time, he was relocating and unfamiliar with the area, and he was buying without seeing any places in person. Aimee did an amazing job not only helping him with the entire process, but also explaining the market and different neighborhoods of the area and facetiming him at multiple showings. Even working with a tight timeline for his move, he got ratified on 6/12 and closed on 6/29 for $8,900 below price WITH an additional $4,500 seller subsidy.
Relocating from Hawaii, Ainslie had the challenge of not being able to view any DMV properties in person. She went into the process fearing that an agent wouldn't truly care, get to know her, or understand what she was looking for. But, our agent Drew did just that and more. Drew skyped her, made sure to consistently check in with her, and most importantly, got to know her.
"We had been living in our house for 10 years and we're running out of space. We loved the neighborhood and new we didn't want to move far. When we first sat down with Keri we said we were about 2 years out... but after she explained the new construction process and our options to build on our own lot, we felt extremely comfortable and a few months later, we started the process!"
Mr. Lee's biggest challenge was that he was looking for the perfect place for his daughter, but wasn't from the area. Hiwa made sure that the place they found met all of his expectations and more. They worked together remotely the whole time, with countless phone calls to ensure everything went smoothly.
Beth and Max found the Keri Shull Team after attending one of our home buying seminars where they learned there were many steps to buying a home. Bridget taught them the process and ultimately found them their first home with ease!
Joe's biggest challenge in his home buying process was he had a very short time frame, and was already a very busy man. Kyle made the whole experience much easier for him, came up with a strong offer, and ended up buying the house for 3K less than the asking price!
People have busy schedules and because Keri has a team around her, there is always someone available to answer your questions or show you homes at YOUR convenience, not theirs!
We had a very good experience with The Keri Shull Team...they were VERY responsive, and we actually sold the house before it went on market!"
Keri Sold Our Home PRE-MARKET for OVER ASKING PRICE! Through her innovative "Coming Soon" Marketing Program, Keri was able to find us a buyer who offered $5,000 over list price before our home even made it to the market!
Keri has a great ability to work with customers and understand their needs. She's definitely the best agent I've worked with in this area!
“Keri helped me save anywhere between $25,000 to $30,000!! She was able to work with the other agent to negotiate and get me a lot of things I was asking for including a lot of updates and repairs to the home."
She found us exactly the house we wanted and was able to negotiate us a great price and get us a great deal!
Keri really made us feel like we were a part of her team. I wouldn't recommend anyone else other than The Keri Shull Team!

The Keri Shull Team alleviated a lot of my fears when I was purchasing my condo. I was a first time buyer and she made sure that we were educated in the purchase and as a result we were able to decrease the time it took to purchase the condo as well as get everything closed and wrapped up.

“Keri was able to sell the house- 5 days before it even went on the market.”

Things go very fast in this area, so Keri brings it to you in a very timely manner. All of those other websites are delayed, so you really want to call Keri and be hooked up with her. The VIP program where we had specific details to what we were looking from the area to the price range where Keri went from start to finish from the financials to how many fireplace we wanted in the home. She really had a great understanding of what we were looking for. For an experience like our and a seamless transaction definitely visit the Keri Shull website. She’ll connect you with the right agent that’s going to help you find your perfect home or sell your home for the top dollar.