Meet Daniel Bertozzi, your favorite DMV real estate agent, whose journey began amidst the hills of Western Pennsylvania and expanded across the world. After high school, Daniel spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy mastering explosive threats and ordnance disposal. It was during this service he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis—an embodiment of his commitment and perseverance. While studying wealth building strategies, Daniel’s early curiosity about real estate grew into a lifelong passion.

Having traveled to various corners of the world, Daniel’s experiences enriched his grasp of real estate. He strategically invested in Virginia properties, cementing his expertise and fueling his passion for wealth-building through real estate.

Daniel’s exceptional blend of precision, education-driven mindset, and enduring enthusiasm sets him apart. This, coupled with his meticulous attention to detail and ingrained values of loyalty and teamwork, ensures clients a real estate partnership beyond the ordinary.

Opting for Daniel means selecting a real estate agent who comprehends the nuances of the DMV market. Whether you’re an aspiring investor, in pursuit of your dream home, or navigating a sale, Daniel’s expertise promises a seamless journey toward achieving your real estate aspirations.