November 27, 2016

Arlington Public Schools Ranked Top School Division In VA & DC

Arlington Public Schools Ranked Top School Division In VA & DC

For the second year running, Arlington Public Schools were ranked first in Virginia and the DC metro area by Niche, a website devoted to analyzing schools and neighborhoods all over the country. The ranking was based on factors like academics, culture, diversity, sports, teachers, clubs, and safety.


All Arlington high schools were ranked within the top 10 high schools in Virginia, and all Arlington middle schools were ranked within the top 30 schools in Virginia. Additionally, the top 10 elementary schools in Virginia were all Arlington Public schools. These consecutive high rankings indicate that Arlington has phenomenal schools with great teachers, sufficient resources, and a diverse student body that continually achieves exceptional grades.


Arlington’s top schools continue to entice families in the DMV region along with the area’s high safety rating and pedestrian friendly design. Arlington is considered a very family-friendly place to live due to its parks, bike trails, museums, historic sites, and proximity to the capital. Though there are lots of condos and apartment buildings in Arlington, the farther you’re willing to live from the Metro, the more affordable single-family houses you’ll find.


The Keri Shull Team knows that good schools are one of the most important driving factor for families looking to buy a home in a new neighborhood, so look no farther than Arlington. Each of Arlington’s eight Urban Villages boasts top rated schools and offers a fun lifestyle for both kids and adults alike.


If you’re looking to buy a home in Arlington, work with the best real estate team in the DMV to find your dream home. Contact the Keri Shull Team today to get started!

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