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This free consultation will cover how to sell your home for the most money to put towards your new home:

  • Never get stuck with payments for 2 homes.
  • Never end up homeless during your housing transition.
  • Always maximize proceeds from your current home’s sale.
  • Sell within your timeframe, or Keri will buy your home.


It happens every day. It is a dilemma thousands of homeowners go through when they are being a new home but already own one. Do they sell first or buy first? It’s a Catch-22. If they sell first they can end up without a home if they don’t find one quick enough. If they buy first, but can’t sell their existing home fast enough they might not be able to afford both and can get into financial trouble. It is stressful, overwhelming and can lead to financial problems. Unfortunately, most real estate agents cannot help people out in this situation and so most sellers face this challenge alone.

Don’t put yourself in this situation. Before you pick a listing agent, you need to interview several different ones to find out if they offer any kind of guarantees in regards to selling your home.


You want a guarantee that gives you the peace of mind that your home will sell so you can buy your next one with confidence. Unfortunately, most agents simply can’t make this kind of guarantee!

If you hire Keri Shull though you are in luck. She can make this kind of guarantee, and much more! In fact, she has sold thousands of homes and spent millions of dollars backing up her guarantees. Keri Shull created her own Move-Up Buyer Guarantee Program to solve this dilemma for our clients.

Move up to any of our current listings and either GUARANTEE the sale of your home or sell it for FREE! You can pick the program. Register today or give the Keri Shull Team a call for more details on this amazing program!

Client Success Stories

"It took a little while because the market is rolling over fast here in NOVA but Kyle with the Shull team worked really hard and was very smart with the market here and all the paperwork that comes with buying a place. He pretty much worked 7 days a week since we called, texted, and emailed him during the process after work and on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks a lot Kyle! We were searching for a house or condo and there were a lot but they would go very fast. I would recommend the team!"
“My wife and I recently closed on a beautiful single family home in Northern Arlington. We have been searching for the perfect fit for our family and are first time home buyers. Amy Harasz and Abby Snoznik with the Keri Shull team made the entire process stress free and easy. We couldn’t have asked for more professional and responsive service and we are so pleased with our new home. I would highly recommend Amy and Abby to any of my friends that are starting the home buying process..."
“My husband and I had Drew Carpenter as our realtor and he was fantastic! He was willing to come to our apartment for our first meeting and really listened to our wants and must haves. We have had bad experiences in the past with realtors so we were a little hesitant but he quickly put all those worries to rest. Every time we went to look at a new home, he would write down what we liked and didn't like and would tailor his search. Whenever we had a question he would respond quickly..."
“Drew Carpenter represented us in our first home purchase in Arlington, Virginia. Drew did a great job explaining the process and how the Keri Shull Team can provide a competitive advantage. We were very impressed with Drew's ability to communicate with us as well as the sellers. He acted without hesitation on our behalf. Thank you again, Drew. We are grateful for the knowledge, professionalism and charisma you brought to our first home buying experience. We highly recommend Drew Carpenter..."
“Keri and her team, specifically Libby Bish and Kelsey McShane were incredible to work with. We found our dream home and were under a tight timeline to get our current home ready to list and sold as soon as possible. Libby quickly visited our home, priced it and encouraged us to show the house off market to get it sold at the best price quickly. We felt confident in her advice given her extensive experience in our market. We listed with Libby and team off market, and were under contract..."


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