March 10, 2015

Don Tito Opens In Clarendon

Don Tito Opens In Clarendon
Get ready for more “spice” in Clarendon if you like tacos, tequila and beer. Next week should be a fiesta for Clarendon residents, as Don Tito is set to open on March 15. It will be located at 3165 Wilson Blvd. in the former Eventide space.
Don Tito is projected to be a casual dining and relaxed atmosphere according to its owners. This would be a complete change of direction from the groups other establishment, A-Town Bar and Grill.
According to Scott Parker, “It will be a good place to have a good time and drink but it won’t be as much of a party atmosphere.” Parker is one of 5 owners of Don Tito and A-Town Bar and Grill.
For more information visit article: Don Tito Set To Open In Clarendon.

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