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Glenda Lopez

She leverages a deep connection to serve and uplift clients in their real estate journey.


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About Glenda

Born in El Salvador, raised in California, and now rooted in Northern Virginia for over 20 years, Glenda Lopez intimately understands the power and importance of community. As a dedicated real estate agent, she leverages this deep connection to serve and uplift her neighbors in their real estate journey.
Glenda’s diverse background, including an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a fulfilling career in government consulting, lends a unique breadth of perspective to her real estate practice. But it’s not her experience alone that sets her apart—it’s her commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, which she embodies as an active member of her local community.
Outside her real estate endeavors, Glenda nurtures her spirit through walks with her dogs, immersive reading, and the energizing practice of Kundalini yoga. She’s also a certified appreciative inquiry facilitator and a passionate conscious leadership coach, guiding individuals and groups toward positive change and personal growth. Her mission extends beyond the transactional nature of real estate—it’s about empowering her clients and building enduring relationships.
Glenda understands that real estate is not just about properties, but about the people, their dreams, and their lives that take place within them. Her real estate practice reflects this understanding, prioritizing authenticity, empathy, and the unique needs of every client. In an industry where the personal touch often gets lost, Glenda makes sure it’s at the heart of everything she does.
So whether you’re dreaming of a new home, planning to sell, or contemplating an investment, remember Glenda Lopez—she’s not just your real estate agent, she’s your neighbor, community builder, and empowering guide for your real estate journey.


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