John P

This review will be long, so if you up for the reading and learning about the fantastic job Rachel Toda did for me as she can do for you, then keep on reading, if not, then rest assure that Rachel Toda is a fantastic realtor. I met Rachel Toda early in the year (2021) when I was starting the process of buying a house. We met near the Catholic University where she was working on selling a property. I approached her and asked her for information about the place. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about questions that I had. I loved her positive and friendly attitude. She asked, without any pressured, if I want to sit down with her for a coffee and discuss the potential to work with her. She was very professional during the conversation, and my journey began. Throughout the process, Rachel provided guidance on look fors regarding the properties such as location, finishes, value of the property, etc. She also created a personal portal which allowed me to view houses on the market that matched my interest. We went to several open houses and visited other houses all around the DMV area. She had a whole team to work with from title, loan, inspection, and professional builders. She remained in communication whenever there was a property that match my interest. Later in the year, we were able to find a house and without hesitation, Rachel once again walked me through the process to make an offer, and I finally got the house. Rachel was as excited or even more than I was that we finally have gotten an offer accepted. She also helped me get credits from the seller so I could complete repairs. When I was done, Rachel continued to check on me and ensure that the moved to the new house was smooth. She also sold my property in record time. She provided input on improvements that my property needed, created a well thought out market strategy and provided a fair market value using market data. Overall, I would rate Rachel Toda’s services 10/10. If I were to summarize my experience with Rachel, it would be caring, knowledgeable, passionate and has your best interest at hand. I hope that you will utilize her services. She has been a great realtor for me, and I am certain that she will do a great job for you. She always says, “I love my job and love helping people to move into their dream houses,” and I can attest to that.

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