July 19, 2023

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party: Learn How To Barb-ify Your New Home

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party: Learn How To Barb-ify Your New Home

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party. Just in time for the most anticipated movie of the summer, learn how to barb-ify your new home by discovering ways to incorporate pops of pink to give your home a little bit of character, while still giving it a modern feel.


Let’s look at some ways to turn your new home into a Barbie Dream House:

Pink in the Foyer: The first step in making your house pink-a-licious is by painting your front door a baby pink color. Despite any initial doubts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well the pink door complements white walls that you may paint surrounding it. This delightful combination creates a warm and inviting aesthetic, ensuring a fabulous experience for your visitors. Not only will it infuse happiness and charm into your indoor space, but it will also serve as a striking focal point, instantly boosting your home’s curb appeal.


Pink the Living Room: When it comes to incorporating pink into your living room, the easiest way is to add pops of pink through decorations like flowers, pillows, or artwork. However, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to fully embrace the Barbie vibe, consider going all out with a pink sofa or painting the walls a light shade of pink. Picture the fabulousness and playfulness a pink sofa can bring to your space, especially in a luxurious rose velvet shade. By transforming your living room into a Barbie-inspired space, you’ll create a living room that radiates happiness and a touch of sophistication. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your inner fashionista shine and infuse your home with a sense of fun and excitement.


Pink in the Bathroom: There’s no better way to decorate your bathroom than adding in some fun wallpaper….and PINK! By incorporating this fabulous color, you’ll infuse your bathroom with character and create a unique space that stands out. Take it a step further by adding a pink vanity or pink tiles to fully embrace the Barbie aesthetic. Imagine the sense of excitement and charm these pink elements will bring to your daily routine. It’s an opportunity to make your bathroom a joyful and uplifting environment, where every visit feels like stepping into a world of fantasy and creativity.

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