March 7, 2024

Savor the Best of Washington Dc: Michelin Star Dining Meets Luxurious Living for Aspiring Homeowners

Savor the Best of Washington Dc: Michelin Star Dining Meets Luxurious Living for Aspiring Homeowners
Washington DC isn’t just a hub for politics and history; it’s a gastronomic paradise waiting to be explored, especially if you’re looking to make this vibrant city your new home. In this blog, we delve into five Michelin-starred restaurants that are a testament to the city’s rich culinary landscape, offering unique flavors and exquisite dining experiences to both food enthusiasts and prospective homebuyers.

Discover how each of these top dining establishments can be part of your new, luxurious lifestyle in Washington DC. From contemporary flavors at Jônt to authentic, modern Chinese cuisine at Queen’s English, every restaurant tells a story of culinary excellence and innovation. Whether you’re a fan of Latin American, Asian, or classic American dishes, there’s a Michelin-starred experience waiting for you.

This blog is more than a guide to fine dining; it’s an invitation to envision a life in Washington DC where exquisite tastes and elegant living go hand in hand. Perfect for those looking to move, relocate, or buy a home in this dynamic city, our insights will help you pair your dream home with the flavors of a world-class culinary capital.

Let’s dive in:

Jônt: This contemporary restaurant stands out with its innovative approach to dining. Jônt offers a fine blend of modern culinary techniques and flavors, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate the art of food.

The Michelin Guide’s Opinion

Chef Ryan Ratino delivers one of the most exciting, awe-inspiring meals in town at this intimate spot. Canapes are a luxe overture of jewel-like bites with flavors that foreshadow the personality of the menu to follow. Seafood factors prominently, particularly fish from Japan; as in the gently cooked Spanish mackerel crowned by a dollop of aged golden kaluga caviar and sauced with herbed buttermilk enriched with koji made from Carolina rice. Ratino is a master at keeping the palate stimulated, and offers brilliant bites at various points of the meal, like a wee bowlful of pineapple, dashi and heart of palm. Dessert, perhaps amazake shaved ice with strawberry, jasmine and torched meringue, or a Mont Blanc made with sweet potato and miso, is an experience unto itself.

Queen’s English: For a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine with a modern twist, Queen’s English is the place to be. Their menu showcases a creative take on traditional Chinese dishes, offering a delightful dining experience.

The Michelin Guide’s Opinion

Greeting diners at this tiny Columbia Heights retreat is a yellow neon sign. The interior design, however, exudes all the understated feels, by way of white floors, blue banquettes, an intricately decorated counter and sleek metal stools. Nooks framed by geometric screens ensure the utmost privacy.The menu reveals a modern take on Hong Kong plates. These high-heat wok dishes show a blend of fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. Lotus root salad with anchovy dust and a charred tomato vinaigrette; or cured hamachi spiced with cumin, brushed with seaweed oil and set atop watermelon make for a great starting point. Not far behind, Wagyu rosettes gently poached in a “mala” broth are crowned by duck egg yolk and soy foam for a flourishing finish.

Flora FloraExperience the rich and diverse flavors of Latin America at Flora Flora. Their menu is a celebration of Latin American cuisine, prepared with a flair that is both authentic and contemporary.

Chaplin’s: This Asian-inspired restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its fusion of various Asian cuisines. Chaplin’s creatively blends flavors from across the continent, making it a popular choice for Asian food lovers.

Annabelle: A contemporary American restaurant, Annabelle is known for its innovative approach to classic American dishes. The menu is crafted with the freshest ingredients, offering a modern dining experience.

As you plan your move or search for the perfect property, let the Keri Shull Team guide you through the booming spring market of Washington DC. 

Discover the tastes and homes of Washington DC.

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