June 18, 2020 Keri Shull

Neighborhood Spotlight: 5 Amazing Parks In Arlington VA

Neighborhood Spotlight: 5 Amazing Parks In Arlington VA
On this week’s edition of the Neighborhood Spotlight, join Keri Shull as she gives you a tour of 5 of our favorite family-friendly playgrounds in Arlington.
Between amazing food, drinks, and entertainment, there are plenty of great things to do in Arlington VA — and as the region begins to re-open after the COVID-19 restrictions, some people are getting ready to get out of the home and enjoy the warm weather.
Luckily, when it comes to finding fun for the whole family, we are here to help! So take a look below to learn more about 5 of our favorite parks in Arlington:

Quincy Park

Sitting just a few steps away from the Virginia Square Metro stop, Quincy Park is one of our favorite recreational parks in all of Arlington. The beautiful park has a completely fenced-in playground and fun activities for people of all ages to enjoy.
The climbing ropes and swings are a great way for kids to let out some excess energy while having a great time. In addition to the play structure, there are also spots for organized sports in this 4-acre park, with a basketball court, 6 tennis courts, diamonds for baseball and softball, and even a sand court for volleyball!
Once you and yours have worn yourselves out from hours of fun, take some time to enjoy a picnic at one of several open-air tables or in the reservable, covered picnic pavilion.

Bluemont Park 

If you’re looking for a family-friendly park that will bring you closer to nature, then look no further than Bluemont Park! This 70-acre space is as much of a nature reserve as it is a standard park, with tons of amazing options for fun activities. In addition to areas for sporting events and fitness activities, Bluemont features a fenced-in playground space that is designed for school-aged children. 
Unlike many other recreational spaces, Bluemont Park has an enormous parking area and public bathroom facilities, which is a big plus when trying to decide where to take friends and family for a day of fun. 
Thanks to the gorgeous, nature reserve-esque atmosphere and wide open spaces, Bluemont Park is a great place for people of all ages to get some exercise and fresh air.

Chestnut Hills Park

Whoever said that kids can’t learn and play at the same time? At Chestnut Hills, a 4.5-acre park in North Arlington, education and recreation are blended into a single, fun experience!
This is one of our favorite spots to play in Arlington, because it has areas for both younger and older kids and is completely fenced-in for maximum peace-of-mind. Keep in mind, however, that there is no off-street parking at this spot, and there are no public restrooms available. 
As the days get hotter, there’s no better way to spend a sunny day than in the shade of Chestnut Hills Park — make sure to check it out!

Fort Barnard Park

Sitting just north of the Shirlington neighborhood of Arlington, Fort Barnard Park is a truly unique park-going experience in NoVA. Many of the play structures are themed to resemble forts, and the covered picnic area features memorable mosaic columns. In addition, the park is right next to a lovely dog park and a community garden that grows fresh produce to help support local families in need.
Unlike some of the other places on this list, Fort Barnard Park does not feature a fence, which means that you might need to be extra vigilant when enjoying everything this park has to offer.

Oak Grove Park

When it comes to tranquil seclusion, you’d be hard pressed to find a spot better than Oak Grove Park.
In addition to a paved walking trail that is great for getting your daily steps in, the park has a great playground with a unique aesthetic that people of all ages are sure to love! We particularly love the open field, which is perfect for playing soccer, tag, or any other number of field sports!
As a fun benefit, Oak Grove Park is close by to both Quincy Park and the Central Library — so you can make a whole day out of the area!
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