August 17, 2021

New Construction Seminars: Your Go-To Blueprint

New Construction Seminars: Your Go-To Blueprint
When buying a home, the thought of building one from scratch isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But when that thought does pop into a buyer’s head, the first question usually is: What are the benefits of buying new construction?
If you’ve found yourself at this point in your buyer’s journey, maybe it’s time you discovered everything there is to know about building your own home.
The Keri Shull Team is offering free home-buying and home-selling seminars to put worried minds at ease, including sessions specifically focused on new construction.

Program Outline

Custom home designs allow buyers a unique opportunity to combine everything they want from both location and design. They also avoid a lot of stress in knowing everything is brand new and won’t need to be fixed for some time. What’s there not to like?
While all those conveniences sound fantastic, getting there is way less spectacular and much more complex. The process involves many moving parts: building codes, zoning restrictions, construction loans—more jargon than your typical home buying experience. This seminar will walk you through every step, from start to finish, covering such subjects as…

Advantages of Custom Home Designs

Get an in-depth look at how you can design the home you always wanted and what underlying benefits will come as a result.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to building your home, the first step is finding the right location. Learn how to pinpoint a fitting lot for your dream home. 

Choosing the Right Agents and Specialists

Taking on the task alone is a risk that can come with a cost. Having a good agent like Bridget, who knows the process and how to find reliable specialists, will help you avoid that risk and save time and money. 
All the intricacies of building a home can become quite overwhelming…and costly. But the Keri Shull Team has expert agents leading the seminar to make sure every concerning topic is covered.


Bridget Mendes

Bridget Mendes is one of the most accomplished Buyer Success Agents on the team who specializes in new construction homes. Bridget has a ton of experience in real estate, and she’s ready to let others in on the secrets of building a new home. 
She bought her first home at 19 before later becoming a full-time agent after graduating from George Mason and has since helped over 600 families buy or sell property in the DMV area, not to mention she is a role model for her charitable contributions
Bridget started flipping properties back in 2007, which led her in the direction of building homes. She took her newfound passion to the next level and became an expert on all things new construction. She’s built 5 homes in total, so she not only has experience helping clients build new but has been through it multiple times giving her invaluable insight into the process to help others avoid costly mistakes.

Lauren Longshore

Lauren Longshore is another of Keri Shull's Team’s experts in new construction, licensed in DC, MD, and VA. She has helped well over 300 families buy or sell a home during her career as an agent, which includes many newly built ones. She has even helped builders find lots and choose the floor plans that will appeal to more buyers. 
Lauren understands that building new construction is more than picking finishes. It’s about identifying the best location for the desired home, being aware of the hidden unknowns, and having a plan for each step in the process. From acquiring lots to tear down and build new to helping buyers find builders that will provide them with the exact style they want while staying within their budget, she has experienced it all and is ready to teach you what it takes to get to the finish line. 
With their knowledge and expertise, Bridget and Lauren will ensure you’re well-informed going forward. 
Don’t let your dreams of the perfect home turn into a nightmare of contracting delays and disorder. Register here to get educated on the process before you make any big decisions on your future home. 
New construction isn’t the only topic being tackled in seminar fashion. For those on the fence about buying vs building, or expecting to sell a home at the same time, additional seminars are being offered to cover all real estate needs.

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