Arlington, Virginia, is not only known for its historical landmarks and vibrant city life but also for its commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. With its extensive range of fitness facilities and outdoor recreational areas, Arlington offers a myriad of opportunities for residents and visitors alike to stay active. In this blog post, we look past the typical gyms and explore some fantastic and fun ways to maintain an active lifestyle in Arlington, Virginia. 

Bike Trails:

Arlington is blessed with a plethora of scenic bike trails that cater to cyclists of all levels. The Mount Vernon Trail is a favorite among locals and offers breathtaking views of the Potomac River, Washington, D.C., and the historic Mount Vernon Estate. Another popular trail is the W&OD Trail, stretching 45 miles from Arlington to Purcellville. Whether you prefer leisurely rides or more intense cycling sessions, these trails provide a perfect setting to stay active while exploring the region’s natural beauty.


SPENGA in Arlington, VA, offers a unique workout experience that combines three elements: spin, strength training, and yoga. Participants engage in 20 minutes of indoor cycling, followed by 20 minutes of strength exercises using weights and resistance bands, and finish with 20 minutes of yoga-inspired stretching. This well-rounded 60-minute class provides a comprehensive workout that targets cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.


E60 is a dynamic fitness studio in Arlington that specializes in group interval training. Their signature 60-minute workout sessions combine cardio, strength training, and core exercises to provide a full-body workout. With energetic coaches and a supportive community, E60 will help you push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Each class is designed to maximize calorie burn, improve endurance, and increase overall fitness levels.


Barry’s, a renowned fitness brand with a location in Arlington, offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes that are designed to challenge and transform your body. Barry’s experience involves alternating between cardio exercises on the treadmill and strength training using weights. Led by motivating instructors, these workouts are both physically demanding and incredibly rewarding. Barry’s vibrant atmosphere and carefully curated playlists make each session a memorable fitness journey.


F45 Training is a global fitness community that combines high-intensity circuit training with functional movements. Located in Arlington, F45 offers a variety of classes that target different fitness goals and areas of the body. The workouts are constantly changing, ensuring that you never get bored and continue to challenge yourself. With a supportive community and expert trainers, F45 provides a motivating environment for individuals of all fitness levels.

Bash Boxing:

For those seeking a boxing-inspired workout, Bash Boxing in Arlington is the place to be. Their high-energy classes combine boxing techniques with cardio and strength training exercises, delivering an intense full-body workout. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, you’ll learn proper boxing form while improving endurance, coordination, and overall fitness. Bash Boxing’s energetic atmosphere and empowering workouts make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to unleash their inner fighter.


[solidcore] in Arlington is the place to be for resistance-based Pilates workouts using their custom-made machine, the “Sweatlana.” Through slow and controlled movements, [solidcore] helps improve strength, stability, and flexibility while toning your body. These low-impact, high-intensity sessions provide a unique and challenging workout experience for individuals seeking a transformative fitness journey.

Arlington, VA, is renowned for its commitment to active and healthy lifestyles. If you haven’t embarked on your fitness journey yet or are looking to take the first step, there’s no better time than now to do so! With a diverse range of options, including cardio-intensive workouts and slow and controlled muscle-building classes, Arlington, Virginia offers a fitness experience tailored to your preferences. Embrace the vibrant fitness culture of Arlington and kick-start your journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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