Feb. 27 2015- By Chris Brown

Feb. 27, 2015 -By Chris Brown

The 600 block of H street is set to get a major face-lift by the summer of 2016. What’s out? Murry’s, a long standing local mini-grocery chain with the best frozen french toast sticks and a solid assortment of frozen meat entrees. The mini-grocery store closed its doors this past summer to make way for a brand new, massive, mixed-use development. The mammoth development, better known as “Apollo” will include street level retail with above rental units. The mega grocery chain, Wholefoods, will occupy the 75,000 square feet of retail space and compete with Giant, which is only three blocks away.

But wait… there’s more! Directly adjacent to the “Apollo” project is a quaint, 26 condo development. So what’s this place offering? How about some more ground level retail for starters – approximately 6000 square feet to be exact, with lessees yet to be determined. The project is fast approaching ground break, with zoning submissions and renderings already completed.

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