This neighborhood shines as a model suburb with its quiet streets, but does that mean it’s on the outside looking in when it comes to all the fun?

Join us, the Keri Shull Team, as we go over reasons why East Falls Church has much to write home about.

About the Neighborhood

East Falls Church is a residential area that neighbors the City of Falls Church, a small Virginian city outside of Arlington that’s jam-packed with history and character. 

The name Falls Church comes from a church near the center of the city. The historic church started holding services as early as 1769, and it has been in use ever since. Located at the corner of Broad Street and Lee Highway, the church is part of a list of landmark sites along a Civil War trail, an honorable mention for top places where you can uncover every bit of history packed into this area.

East Falls Church came about as a result of the ballooning population spreading outward from the city. As a result, proximity to the city of Falls Church offers Arlington residents the luxury of sharing in some of the city’s best places. Those living to the east may be separated from the city lines, but that simply means they get the best of both worlds. 

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Top Places – East Falls Church

Eden Center

Across the southwest border of the neighborhood is a strip mall of Vietnamese markets and restaurants. The Eden Center is recognized by its decorative entranceway ushering visitors to a host of available goods from over a hundred businesses. As one of the largest Asian shopping centers on the east coast, it is very much a tourist attraction, yet for those living nearby it’s a delightful spot to enjoy delicious food and attend events that celebrate Vietnamese culture.

Tinner Hill Road

A two block stretch of road intersecting Lee Highway is where an early branch of the NAACP was formed back in 1915. At the time, the community living around Tinner Hill Road represented one of the earliest resistance efforts against racial segregation and gerrymandering. The efforts of the community to bring about change are commemorated by both a park and stone archway along this historic roadway.

The State Theatre

Smack-dab at the heart of Falls Church is the State Theatre. The venue hosts sold out shows on the weekends, mostly live musical performances and stand-up comedy. The theater doubles as a restaurant with a full menu of appetizers, entrees, and specialty cocktails so you can rock and roll all night with one of the many cover bands on its schedule. Nearby are stores for musical instruments and vintage records for a fitting encore.

Creative Cauldron

The Creative Cauldron, a unique space for celebrating local art, is tucked away on S Maple Ave in Falls Church. This art venue is known for both live shows and encouraging creativity through various art classes, offered to both kids and adults. Plays, musical performances, art classes—this is another example of the type of entertainment bubbling within the city.

Benjamin Banneker Park

While there are many great places to visit close to the neighborhood, East Falls Church is still home to a few of its own, including Benjamin Banneker Park. The park is newly renovated as of 2020, with two separate playgrounds for children of various ages, and it has a large dog park for pet owners. Closer to the center of the neighborhood is an equally pleasant and well-kept park, that being Tuckahoe Park.

Living in East Falls Church

The neighborhood of East Falls Church is cherished by its residents as a great place to live in Arlington, VA. Residents have convenient access to excellent dining options all along S Washington Street and E Broad Street in the neighboring city, which is easily accessible via I-66. However, they also have access to quality options within Arlington that are even closer—places like La Côte D’Or Café with their classic french menu or Chasin’ Tails for seafood. Both are local favorites.

Getting around East Falls Church is easiest with personal transportation, and most commuters find local throughways to be best for everyday travel. The neighborhood does however have a Metro station along the Orange Line. Residents living in the southern portion have an easy walk to the station, which makes public transit to DC and elsewhere a reasonable choice for some who prefer to avoid DC traffic

The common style for homes seen in the area is a single-family colonial, but there are townhouses in some parts as well. Residents consist almost entirely of homeowners, and families enjoy an exceptional school system.  

Finding a Home in East Falls Church

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