Here’s some news that won’t surprise most Washingtonians…

DC ranked America’s worst city for driving.

WalletHub ranked the 100 most populated U.S. cities on a variety of metrics, including traffic, infrastructure, ownership and maintenance costs, and safety, and sure enough, the District came in dead last in the overall rankings.

D.C. ranked 97th out of 100 in Auto Safety, 96th in Auto Available & Maintenance Accessibility, 96th in Traffic Conditions & Infrastructure Quality, and 86th in Ownership & Maintenance Costs. It also ranked 99th in Highest Accident Likelihood Compared With National Average, 98th in Fewest Auto Repair Shops per Capita and 95th in Highest Average Annual Hours of Traffic Delays.

Here is how the bottom 11 in the overall rankings shake out:

100. Washington, D.C.
99. Detroit
98. San Francisco
97. Chicago
96. Philadelphia
95. Baltimore
94. Oakland
93. New York
92. Seattle
91. Boston
90. Los Angeles

It’s understandable that Nos. 90-100 are all represented by some of the biggest cities in America; the bigger the city, the more likely it is to have grueling traffic delays, generally. For contrast, here are top 10 cities:

1. Scottsdale (Arizona)
2. Tucson (Arizona)
3. Corpus Christi (Texas)
4. Gilbert (Arizona)
5. Mesa (Arizona)
6. Chandler (Arizona)
7. Reno (Nevada)
8. Laredo (Texas)
9. Las Vegas
10. Tampa

The top nine cities are all in either Arizona, Texas or Nevada, and five of the top six are in Arizona.

According to the 2010 Census, Arizona is the 35th most densely populated state.

[h/t] CBS

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