To a lot of people, trying a new kind of food can be pretty daunting. This is the problem that co-founders Sahil Rahman and Rahul Vinod set out to solve with RASA, their new restaurant in Navy Yard. Located near the Anacostia riverfront and the baseball park of the Washington Nationals, RASA offers scrumptious food in a casual and inviting setting.

In this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight, Anshul Palli of The Keri Shull Team sits down with Rahman to discuss the ideas and dishes which came together to bring RASA to life!

When first coming up with the dream for RASA, Rahman and Vinod wanted to make Indian food that was accessible and inviting, while still offering an authentic and exciting food experience for people.

The two co-founders are second-generation restaurateurs whose fathers went into the food business together after coming to D.C. from India. Now, they are following in those footsteps, introducing a new generation of DMV inhabitants to a wide variety of authentic Indian food.

To Vinod and Rahman, as well as many others, food is an incredibly important part of culture. And for these young entrepreneurs, RASA is an opportunity to share their beloved culture with people who might not otherwise get to experience it.

And what a tasty way to learn about a culture! RASA’s extensive menu includes the ability to build your own meal out of a large collection of bases, proteins, sauces, vegetables, and savory toppings. Don’t feel like making so many decisions? RASA also offers a number of chef-selected combinations, so you’re sure that your meal is authentic and cohesive.

The cultural lesson doesn’t stop at food, either. RASA’s menu includes a unique drink selection, including their Tamarind Margarita, kombucha, and an exclusive beer made in partnership with 3 Stars Brewing.

The most eye-catching drink option is definitely the coconut. Other restaurants might have coconut-infused drinks, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere else that brings you a freshly-cracked coconut to drink from. Feeling adventurous? Spike your fruity treat with one of RASA’s fresh juices for a fun and refreshing twist.

I If you’re interested in getting a cultural lesson in the most delicious way possible, go check out RASA today!

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