As NoVA enters the next phases of re-opening, residents are getting excited about returning to the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment options in the area. That means that now is the perfect time to discover a new favorite spot or return to an old haunt — and we want to share one of our top choices with you!

So, with that in mind, join Caitlyn Kammerman as she gives you the low-down on The Spirits of ‘76, one of the best places to get food and drinks in Arlington VA!

A Revolutionary New Experience

Walking through the doors of The Spirit of ‘76 is like stepping through a particularly patriotic time machine. This locally owned eatery, sitting in the heart of the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, is decorated with all sorts of Americana and references to the colonial and revolutionary periods of the country’s history. 

One of the most striking artistic features is the large Bennington Flag that adorns the wall. This variant of the American stars and stripes, which bears the number ‘76’ on its canton, is a popular collector’s item with the history buffs who are interested in the early days of the republic. In the cozy atmosphere of The Spirits of ‘76, it makes for a fine centerpiece.

John Rodas, one of the founding fathers of the eatery, tells us that not all of the decorations were brought in by the restaurant’s owners. “With the name Spirits of ‘76,” he recounts, “we obviously wanted to give it a twist of some Americana — and some of our customers have actually donated some of the items.”

The name isn’t simply a reference to the American-themed decorations, however. In addition to an incredible ambiance and great food, this beacon of independent restaurant culture carries 76 different varieties of bourbon!

Keeping the Spirits Alive

As you can probably tell from the name, libations are a staple of The Spirit of ‘76. Patrons can choose from nearly 80 different types of bourbon for smooth sipping — in addition to a vast menu of unique mixed drinks!

In addition to classic favorites like a smooth Old Fashioned or refreshing Texas Mule, you’re sure to enjoy sipping on one of the house creations at The Spirit of ‘76. Put a twist on a gin-based favorite with their ‘76 Fizz — or pay homage to the ‘freedom fries’ movement with the cheekily named American ‘76, a play on the popular French 75 drink. 

And if you’re looking to beat the hot Arlington summer, then you’re in luck! The Spirits of ‘76 offers pitchers of frozen cocktails, so you can get a cool treat with friends and family.

Liberate Your Appetite

Not all of the delicacies at The Spirit of ‘76 are liquid, of course. There is also a robust menu of classic American fare and a variety of dishes to sate your appetite! 

Start off with a plate of their signature wings, tossed in your choice of sauce, then move on to a scrumptious sandwich or set of tacos — everything on the menu is a savory treat. Personally, we recommend the fish tacos or one of the many options for burgers. 

For the health-conscious, there are also options for leaner meals at The Spirits of ‘76. Their array of salads can be enjoyed as vegetarian dishes; or they can be topped with grilled chicken or tasty mahi-mahi. You can also get in the Independence Day spirit with The Natural, their fantastic plant-based burger. 

Unbeatable Convenience

Nestled right along the Orange Line, The Spirits of ‘76 offers the utmost convenient access. The bar and restaurant is just a few steps away from the Clarendon Metro station and right near some of our other favorite spots like Don Tito and Northside Social

Plus, The Spirits of ‘76 is nearby some of the best luxury condos in Arlington VA — so it’s great for residents who want to have a memorable night out without having to go too far from home!

As of this writing, the dining room at The Spirits of ‘76 is open to a limited capacity in an effort to maintain social distancing. As a result, they encourage visitors to make a reservation ahead of time and ensure that they have a spot saved in the restaurant!

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