Five of Virginia’s fastest growing cities are located in Northern Virginia, according to an article published by HomeSnacks. Falls Church, Manassas Park, Leesburg, Manassas, and Alexandria all made the list for the top ten fasting growing cities in the state. The data was compiled using the Census’s American Community Survey. By analyzing the growth rates for all Virginia cities with a population larger than 5,000 people over the last five years, HomeSnacks was able to determine the top ten fastest growing cities in Virginia, and five of the top ten are located in our area.

Here are the top 5 fastest growing cities in Northern Virginia:

Falls Church Virginia

#1: Falls Church

Falls Church is the fastest growing city in Northern Virginia, and second overall in the state. The population went from 11,500 people in 2010 to nearly 14,000 people in 2016, an average growth rate of 14 percent. Falls Church has long been a popular neighborhood to live in due to its high median income and proximity to the capital — plus the lowest level of poverty in the country — but it is hotter now than ever before thanks to its well known restaurant scene, historic sites, and highly rated publics schools.

Manassas Park virginia

#2: Manassas Park

Manassas Park is the second fastest growing city in Northern Virginia, and fourth overall in the state. In 2010, the average population in Manassas Park was a fraction more than 13,000 people and it has since increased to more than 15,000 people. The average growth rate in Manassas Park is 13.6 percent. The area is popular for being one of the more affordable places to live in Northern Virginia without being too heavy of a commute for those who work closer to the capital. Though the city isn’t known for being one of the nicest places to live in Northern Virginia, it is popular with young, working adults and young families which is why it is one of the fastest growing cities in our area.

leesburg virgina

#3: Leesburg

Leesburg is the third fastest growing city in Northern Virginia, and fifth overall in the state. The city reported an average population of 46,211 people in 2010, but the population has since grown to be more than 46,000. That’s an average growth rate of 13.5 percent! Leesburg is known for its historic charm, horse farms, and high median income, but it has experienced considerable development throughout the last decade. Leesburg has transformed from the small, rural community it once was to a popular suburban bedroom community for D.C. commuters.

Manassas virginia

#4: Manassas

Not to be confused with the city of Manassas Park (they’re two separate cities that border each other), Manassas is the fourth fastest growing city in Northern Virginia and sixth overall in the state. The city of Manassas reported a population of 36,000 people in 2010. The population has since risen to almost 40,500 with an average growth rate of 12 percent. The growth Manassas has been experiencing can be attributed to its convenience for commuters, its affordability in terms of housing and cost of living, and the area’s historic, small town charm.

alexandria virginia

#5: Alexandria

Alexandria is the fifth fastest growing city in Northern Virginia, and seventh overall in the state. The city’s population was 133,647 people in 2010. Now Alexandria’s total population is almost 147,000 people with an average growth rate of 9.5 percent. Alexandria has that small town feel, but boasts big city amenities. Its known for its fun activities on the Potomac, safe, walkable (cobblestone!) streets, and a popular historic district with great shops and restaurants. There’s always something to do in Alexandria which is part of its appeal, and it should continue to see a lot of growth in the years to come.

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