Often clients will ask Keri Shull if writing love letters to home owners can help increase their chances of having their offer accepted on the house they really want. The answer is yes!

Throughout her experience, Keri found that “love” letters — notes written to sellers by potential buyers — can convince the seller to accept the offer, even if they haven’t even listed the house yet. It only takes a few minutes to write a note explaining why you love the house, so why not take a chance if the benefits could be this big?

“We always encourage you to compliment the seller on what they’ve done,” Keri explained in her live video on Facebook. “They often have attachment and there is emotion in their home sale decision.”

When writing the seller a letter, just be honest about why you love the house so much. Do you envision your kids using the pool or playing under the big tree in the front yard? Let the seller know why the house means this much to you. More times than not, the seller will feel protective over their home and want to choose the right buyer instead of the buyer with the highest offer. Writing a love letter can make all the difference in their decision.

Of course, love letters don’t always make a difference; there is no guarantee that you will get the house you want, but it is definitely worth trying. It won’t hurt your case and it can even get you an amazing deal.

In the Facebook live video, Keri recounted a past experience with a client who incorporated the love letter with their offer to seal the deal on his family’s dream home. The seller recognized the family from the neighborhood dog park and just like that, they accepted the offer before they even held the open house. The seller had never intended to accept the first offer, but it just goes to show how much of an impact a sincere, complimentary letter can have on the seller.

When you buy a home with the Keri Shull team, you’ll get expert advice on crafting the winning offer, plus tips on writing the perfect love letter. Contact the Keri Shull team today to find out all the benefits that come with choosing the right realtor for your home search.