Honesty, Humility and Humor: Success Story Told Right!

– On February 1st, best-selling author, entrepreneur and medical doctor Sunil Saxena released his second book, 30 Days to Awesome: Use the Power of the 30 Day Challenge to Transform Your Life. Keri Shull wrote the foreword to this book.

Every once in a while you come across certain individuals who just make you sit and wonder how in the world they manage to accomplish all that they do. Those whose life’s work is so impressive and expansive that it alone resembles the output of several or even dozens of people. Pure agents of action who simply get things done. Anyone can talk themselves up in importance, but few actually have the pedigree to back big words up with results.

Such is the allure of reading success stories. There’s no better way to gain insight into these special individuals than to read firsthand the unique pathway by which they found success and the thought processes that helped get them there.

How exactly did they do it? What are their secrets to success? How can I apply them to my own life?

As a budding entrepreneur I have read quite a few of these success stories. Some stand out more than others; each profess to provide special paths for success. But I have noticed that underneath each singular story, there are certain shared universalities driving them. Not particular experiences or approaches attempted, but rather general traits and mindsets which are especially associated with finding success.

The Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan B Peterson teaches that the primary traits that lead to success are 1) intelligence, 2) agreeableness, and 3) conscientiousness. These are universalities applicable essentially to any culture, to any situation. Possessing any of which will give you a step up in life; but to find real, palpable success one needs all 3 to act in unison. Success requires will-power, cunning and open-mindedness – all at the same time. But these traits themselves are not enough even. You have to stand out above the others who possess them too. You have to put your own personal touch to these universal truths.

“Making it” nowadays can best be summed up as successfully applying universal truths into particular situations.

Sunil Saxena

Dr Sunil Saxena’s best-selling first book, Massive Action Equals Massive Results, detailed how he reached his level of success. It discussed his unique story and the methodologies he experimented with to achieve his goals. He caters his new book, 30 Days to Awesome, more to you. Taken together, Sunil’s books act as some of the most illuminating instructing guides for reaching your fullest potential.

With you as the focus, 30 Days to Awesome breaks down the key traits for finding success into an easily digestible and highly entertaining form. You can tell that he genuinely wants you to succeed, and that he simply just wants to pass on the knowledge that he found to helpful to achieve his dreams. There’s no big ego involved here: Sunil is a pure and humble individual.

Sunil is gifted not only in his business acumen, but also in his ability to express his ideas. His mindset is at once relatable, easily digestible, and profound. I think it is because he is unafraid to break things down and restructure them again and again, in order to find the very best way forward. His newest book is the most forthright, honest, and humorous success stories I have read in years. 30 Days to Awesome is easy to read, but only on the surface. Once you start dissecting his ideas and putting them into practice, you will learn for yourself how truly impactful they are!!

Highly recommended! 

30 Days to Awesome is available to purchase in kindle, paperback and audible formats on Amazon.

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