The Ring Doorbell: Deters Thieves and Provides You with Convenience 

Doorbell, Camera, Motion Sensor and Communication Device

The doorbell is a two-way communication device, motion sensor and HD camera all rolled into one package. It has a 160-degree field of view so it provides coverage for the entire front of your home. It syncs easily to your smartphone or computer over Wi-Fi, and the accompanying smartphone app is easy to use. If someone is near the front door you get an alert. Through the app you can set different zones or ranges for getting alerts when you are on vacation. When someone rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to communicate with them on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The camera records events that happen in front of your door: either motion activated or when someone rings the bell. If you sign up for the monthly service with Ring they will also provide cloud storage of events. 

Extend Your Security Zone

Ring also offers several other products that can easily be installed and integrated to give you greater protection. We recently added the Ring Floodlights to our system. These are cameras and motion sensor lights all rolled into one. Like the door bell, the lights have programmable zones and distances you can set for motion detection. They also record events and have a live view option. You can also speak through them or play a siren if the need arises. Ring also makes a standalone camera that has many of the same features as the doorbell. By adding the lights and cameras to your doorbell, you can create a customized security zone for a lot less money than your typical custom solution.


Extend Your Security Zone to The Neighborhood

Ring has also created a Neighbors feature. This allows you to upload potential security events and threats to where other neighbors can see. You get alerts when other people in the area upload events as well. By raising awareness and sharing information, the safety of your entire area occurs. Cities have liked it so much that places like Washington, DC have created a program where they actually reimburse homeowners that install a Ring doorbell.

In short, Ring provides a ton of useful solutions to help make your home more secure and give you convenient ways to see who is coming to your house.

Their doorbells, cameras and lights are easy to install and simple to integrate into the smartphone app. We have enjoyed ours for a few years now and highly recommend them.

Interested in hearing about how you can get a Ring doorbell installed into your DC home for free? Call us at (202) 770-4783 for more information.

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