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About Kelwyn Avila

Meet Kelwyn, your Client Service Specialist . Born and raised in Arlington, Kelwyn got straight into the workforce during his junior year at Wakefield High School. While he spent his time waiting tables, he understood that his skillset could be put into a more profitable area. Not knowing where to start or what to look for, he landed upon Sales.

Kelwyn launched his sales career with his first opportunity being Door-to-door sales, providing home improvement products. Understanding the position was a mindset & numbers game, this is what got him really excited about his new career path. Since then, Kelwyn has spent his career working with tech companies from start-ups to large corporations in numerous positions, from a sales rep all the way to client management. 

While off the clock, Kelwyn spends his time training, hanging out with friends and family, watching sports or TV shows, or spending time outside in nature. He also tends to go into DC for some Wizards games, museums, or checking out new dinner spots.


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