This week, join the expert agents of The Keri Shull Team as they walk you through some of their favorite places to have fun in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington.

With so many amazing things to do in Arlington, it can be hard to decide how to spend your free time! Normally, in our Neighborhood Spotlights, we showcase a specific restaurant or attraction…but today, we wanted to take you on a tour of some of our favorite Rosslyn activities!

1. Parks and outdoor activities

The D.C. metropolitan area is well-known for having plenty of beautiful, easily-accessible parks, and Rosslyn is no exception! One popular park is Theodore Roosevelt Island, which lies in the Potomac, between Arlington and the District of Columbia. Visitors to the Island can approach via a bridge from the Rosslyn side of the river. The most famous feature of Theodore Roosevelt Island is a monument to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.

In addition to viewing the monument, visitors can observe the wildlife in the island’s wetlands or go canoeing on the Potomac. Finally, Theodore Roosevelt Island is home to miles of trails for walking, running, and hiking. Visitors are encouraged to explore these paths at their leisure, or to join a ranger-led safari of the island.

For more information on Theodore Roosevelt Island, please visit the island’s listing on the National Park Service’s website. If you want to learn more about other parks in the area, check out the official list of parks and cultural attractions!

2. Get a bird’s eye view of the iconic D.C. Skyline

Located next to the entrance of the Rosslyn Metro stop, The View of DC is an observatory and event space with breathtaking vistas of the D.C. area. This gorgeous, glass solarium offers a complete 360-degree view of Arlington and the District from the top of Central Place Tower. Touch-screen informational displays sit In front of the massive panes of floor-to-ceiling glass, so that visitors can learn more about the rich history and culture beneath their feet.

There’s more to The View of DC than the titular panoramic spectacle, however. The venue offers a full selection of food and drink for purchase; there are few better ways to view a sunset than overlooking the D.C. skyline with a glass of champagne!

Though The View of DC formerly was open to paying ticket holders, they recently changed their admission model. Now, the observation deck serves primarily as a space for private events, though it is still open to the public on days when it is not reserved. The View of DC no longer sells for admission — instead, all residents of Arlington have complimentary access to the stunning overlook at the top of the tower. Non-residents can also access the observation deck, but they must be in the company of an Arlington County Resident. If you would like to enjoy the sights offered by The View of DC, please plan to bring government-issued ID that indicates your status as an Arlington resident.

3. Blow off some steam and get fit in a unique gym setting

Like the rest of the Arlington neighborhoods, Rosslyn is a haven for fitness fanatics. One of the most unique workout options in the neighborhood is BASH Boxing, a no-experience-necessary boxing gym. Beginners are encouraged to start in BASH Boxing’s class settings, for a more inviting introduction to the fitness program. BASHers are taught the core movements and punches that make up the heart of their boxing routine, designed to improve strength and cardiovascular health.

The experienced coaches work with BASHers to get their blood pumping and their arms swinging, while also teaching the importance of proper form. As you might imagine, BASH Boxing is also great for relieving stress after a long day of work or a particularly tough trip in DC traffic!

Although BASH boxing is primarily centered around group fitness, they offer one-on-one coaching and private classes, as well. In addition to the Rosslyn location, BASH Boxing operates in Ballston.

It seems that people often get caught up in the flood of things to do in the District, and they lose sight of the unique and outstanding activities in Arlington! So this weekend, try out some of these awesome local attractions!

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend in Rosslyn? We’re always looking for new things to try, so let us know in the comments below — we’d love to check it out!

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Featured image sourced from the National Park Service official website.