Summer is fast approaching here in the D.C. metro area! According to real estate experts, homeowners, and house flippers, updating your garage will be the hottest renovation project of the summer. The New York Times recently called the garage the “final frontier in home renovation,” and for good reason. Once you’ve tackled the kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, the garage is the logical next step for homeowners itching for a project. The garage can easily be turned into a more functional, accessible living space with just a little time, money, and energy.
Here are five simple ways to upgrade your garage this summer:

#1: Give Your Garage Door Curb Appeal

Before you delve into your garage to start cleaning house, work your way from the outside in. Consider replacing your garage door to enhance curb appeal. There are a lot more affordable, innovative, and attractive options for you to choose from that will add visual interest to the outside of your home. There are even garage doors with smart-home technology if you’re feeling bold. Curb appeal is important, so if you can’t afford to replace your garage door for a new model this summer, use a power washer to remove dirt and grime and then give it a fresh coat of paint.

#2: Renovate the Garage Floor

If you’ve been neglecting your garage until now, the concrete floor is likely covered in grime and in need of some TLC. Give your garage floor a good scrubbing first, and then consider resurfacing the concrete for a brand new look. There are many high-performance refinishers to choose from that can make your concrete floor dust proof, water resistant, and extremely durable. If you’re interested in turning a corner of your garage into a gym, consider laying down gym mat flooring, or if you’re turning it into a mother-in-law suite, lay down some carpet. There are a lot of things you can do to upgrade a plain concrete garage floor, so do your research!

#3: Stage the Entrance as a Mudroom

Some homes are built with space in mind for a mudroom near the garage door, but if you have less space to work with inside your home, consider staging a mudroom entrance inside the garage. By installing hooks and racks along the wall by the door leading into your home, you can create a space to hang coats and jackets. You could even buy a bench with hidden storage for a place to sit down and remove your shoes. Your new mudroom will create the illusion of having more space than you actually have, and it is an inexpensive and efficient way to update your garage.

#4: Build a Work Station

If you have a spare wall in your garage, you have the option to create a work station, art studio, or something similar. If you’re good with your hands, you can build your own workbench or just buy one and install it. Go for a workbench with lots of drawers and storage space, so you won’t have to expose your tools and supplies. Depending on your hobbies, you can create a nice separate space within your garage for doing the things you love whether it be painting, sculpting, or crafting. It would be a great use of space and really elevate your garage into a multi-use room in your home.

#5: Get Creative with Storage Space

Garages are all about storage space, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box (no pun intended) when it comes to storage. Anyone can buy traditional shelving, but if you want to save some cash and make your garage uniquely your own, consider turning things you already own into storage containers. For example, utility bins, baskets, milk crates, and even hampers can easily be turned into storage containers that can save space and consolidate clutter. You can even paint and decorate them to suit your style. Get creative when storing tools, books, old clothes, and other things and your garage will morph into something much more than just the average garage; it will become an extra room in your home and potentially increase the value of your property!

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