December 10, 2015

Arlington, VA Ranks 6th Richest County In USA

Arlington, VA Ranks 6th Richest County In USA
Arlington, VA ranks 6th when determining the wealthiest county in the nation, by income – according to new U.S. Census data.
The Washington, DC metro area dominates the list with 8 local counties ranking in the top 20! The top three richest counties in the country, according to the data, are also in the D.C. area: Falls Church, Loudoun County and Fairfax County.
In 2013, Arlington ranked No. 7 on the Census Bureau’s median income list, at $99,255 compared to $107,143 this year.
The top twenty localities on the list, by median income, are:
  1. Falls Church, VA ($125,635)

  2. Loudoun County, VA ($122,641)

  3. Fairfax County, VA ($110,507)

  4. Los Alamos County, NM ($108,477)

  5. Douglas County, CO ($107,250)

  6. Arlington County, VA ($107,143)

  7. Howard County, MD ($106,871)

  8. Hunterdon County, NJ ($103,876)

  9. San Mateo County, CA ($100,806)

  10. Morris County, NJ ($100,511)

  11. Somerset County, NJ ($100,194)

  12. Nassau County, NY ($98,312)

  13. Williamson County, TN ($97,936)

  14. Delaware County, OH ($97,802)

  15. Montgomery County, MD ($97,279)

  16. Santa Clara County, CA ($97,219)

  17. Marin County, CA ($94,549)

  18. Putnam County, NY ($94,334)

  19. Fairfax city, VA ($94,067)

  20. Stafford County, VA ($92,647)

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