July 29, 2020

Best Pizza In Arlington VA: The 3 Top Pizza Places!

Best Pizza In Arlington VA: The 3 Top Pizza Places!

It’s hard to go wrong with a great slice of pizza — but where can you find the best pizza in Arlington VA? In this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight, we wanted to take a culinary tour of some of the best slices in the area. So join three of our amazing agents — Drew Carpenter, Elisa Seth, and Peter Applegate — as they take you on a journey to find the top pie around!


As always, we are looking for more places to highlight in our Spotlight series. So if you have a favorite restaurant or nightlife spot that you’d like to see us share, just let us know down in the comments — we’d love to check it out!


Without further ado, here are our top 3 favorite pizza spots in Arlington:




Located just across the street from the Rosslyn Metro Stop, Wiseguy Pizza is a premier place to grab a classic New York slice. During more typical times, you can enjoy a piece of ‘za — complete with peppery sauce and delightfully stretchy cheese — inside their cozy storefront. However, during the COVID-19 regulations, customers can still get pizza for carryout, either by the slice or by the pie.


In true street pizza fashion, you can choose from any number of pre-baked pizza types at the counter of Wiseguy. Once you have made your selections, the friendly pizza experts will slide your slices into the classic-style oven to get piping-hot and perfectly charred. Then, in just a few minutes, you’re ready to chow down on perfectly thin, New York-style pizza!


One of the best things about Wiseguy Pizza is the opportunity to mix-and-match your selection. The Rosslyn eatery offers 16 varieties of pre-made pies, including both classic choices like Pepperoni and Margherita and more out-there combinations such as Korean Chicken Pizza or a Penne Alla Vodka pizza. Alternatively, if you are feeling creative, choose your own toppings for a custom ‘za!


So if you are in the mood to get a taste of the Big Apple without leaving the Washington DC area, you can’t do better than Wiseguy Pizza!


But what if you are looking for a more traditional kind of pizza?



Neapolitan pizza was one of the first types of Italian flatbread to make the transatlantic journey, eventually becoming the popular base from which the New York-style evolved. Although this Naples staple might not have the same media presence as its American descendant, it remains wildly popular among pizza fanatics.


There are a lot of places that claim to serve up Neapolitan pizza — but many of them aren’t selling true Naples-style ‘za. The recipe and baking style of Neapolitan pizza are on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list due to the meal’s immense cultural and historical significance. Because of this, pizzerias who want to whip up an authentic Neapolitan pie can have their process certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN).


So, where are you supposed to get authentic Neapolitan pizza in Arlington? Look no further than Pupatella Pizza! This fantastic pizzeria has two locations in Arlington VA, with one just a few blocks away from the Ballston Metro Station and the other near the National Cemetery in South Arlington.


Pupatella Pizza was founded in 2007 by Enzo Algarme, a Naples-born medical student who found himself longing for the classic ‘za of his hometown. After seeing the fervent demand for his fast-fired pizzas, Enzo began to expand and open several store fronts.


Rather than using coal-burning ovens that are standard for American styles of pizza, Pupatella fires their pies in a scorching hot, wood-burning oven. Like everything else at the pizzeria, this culinary crucible is the pinnacle of authenticity — Enzo commissioned the oven from a Neapolitan forge, and the bricks are even made using volcanic ash from the famous Mt. Vesuvius. This fiery cradle uses thick chunks of oak to burn at nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit — so your pizza will only spend about a minute in the oven before it is ready to eat!



Rounding out our tour of Arlington’s top pizzerias is Fireworks Pizza, a full-service bar and pizza joint that is sure to make for a great night out. Fireworks is conveniently located in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington VA, just a short walk from the nearby metro station.


As the name implies, Fireworks specializes in artisanal wood-fired pies. Customers can build their own pizza, choosing from an enormous variety of different cheeses, vegetables, and proteins. Alternatively, you can order one of the house suggestions, from traditional margherita ‘za to the award winning “Rise & Shine DC,” a pizza pie topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and shredded potatoes.


If you find yourself craving something besides the classic Italian treat, Fireworks has you covered, with a robust menu of unique dishes. Consider trying bar classics like fried mozzarella bites or garlic knots, or be adventurous and order a round of goat cheese-stuffed lamb meatballs for the table!


Of course, few things pair better with a piping-hot pizza than a stiff drink — and Fireworks Pizza has plenty to offer from behind the bar! Beer lovers are sure to go gaga over the extensive menu of drafts, with both local and international brews available. If beer isn’t your libation of choice, you can always accompany your ‘za with a glass of wine or one of Fireworks’s signature cocktails!


Due to the continuing COVID-19 regulations, Fireworks Pizza is limiting their indoor dining options at this time. Customers can dine inside of the storefront, but the indoor bar is not serving any drinks. However, their patio is open for service, complete with a fully stocked bar! In addition, Fireworks is offering curbside pick up of their meals, so you can enjoy one of the best takeout options in Arlington VA without having to even leave the car.



Each of these 3 pizzerias offers a wildly different flavor experience — and all of them are top-class in their fields! If you are craving a crispy, stretchy New York slice, you just can’t go wrong with Wiseguy Pizza. If an authentic pie is more your groove, then the 150 year old recipe and blazing hot oven of Pupatella Pizza are sure to satiate your appetite. And if you like to get creative with your toppings and enjoy an artisanal drink with your ‘za, then make sure to give Fireworks Pizza a visit!


No matter which of these 3 pizzerias you choose to visit next, you are sure to have a great experience — that’s because they are built on years of experience and innovation from the experts! Working with the experts is vitally important for getting a great pizza pie — but it’s even more important when you are trying to buy or sell a house!


At the Keri Shull Team, we have spent years creating a world-class group of expert real estate agents. Our unique team structure, industry-leading marketing efforts, and dedicated agents are the key to how we are able to help hundreds of families buy and sell a home each year.


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