This week, the local governments of Virginia and Maryland put lockdowns in place on “non-essential” businesses. They did this in an effort to hinder the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. These regulations come on the heels of local and federal organizations suggesting that people practice social distancing, self-isolation, and other preventative measures. 

At the Keri Shull Team, however, we know that your real estate needs might not be able to wait for these regulations to go away. One option that you, as a home owner, have is to get an Instant Offer on your home — so you can have an offer in just 48 hours. 

Some people, however, want to make sure that they are working directly with a Home Value expert to get the most possible money for their home on the open market. But because of the lockdown, it’s difficult for agents and home owners to meet in person and discuss strategy. Well, that’s why we have created a new system to let you sell your home virtually — the Virtual Home Selling Consultation!

Here’s what it is:

The Virtual Home Selling Consultation is exactly like our normal Home Selling Consultations — except online! You will join a virtual meeting hosted by one of our home value experts, and they will walk you through the steps that we will take to sell your home in your time frame, for a price that you’ll love. 

We will also discuss our unique digital marketing strategy, and how it can help us match a buyer to your home, without stressful and unnecessary foot traffic through your home. 

Here’s why you’ll love it:

Selling your home virtually has a ton of pros, and our unique Virtual Home Selling Consultation has even more. When you sell your home online, you get unparalleled convenience — it doesn’t get more stress-free than selling your home from your own couch!

We come to you — even online! 

Thanks to the adaptability of our experts, we can host the consultation on any virtual meeting app that you choose; Zoom, Facebook, Skype, or anything that you prefer! After all, our Virtual Consultation is the same as an in-person consultation, so we want it to be as convenient as possible for you!

Learn the same things you would in person

In terms of helpful, educational content, there is no difference between our Virtual Selling Consultation and our normal, in-person meeting. That means that you’ll still learn how the experts determine what your home is worth, speak about how selling your home off-market could be for you and find out the steps to sell a home!

Sell your home (virtually) with the experts

Even in stressful, uncertain times, we have your back. Most real estate agents are treating their isolation as an excuse to take a mini-vacation — but our amazing agents are doing more deals than ever! That means that no matter your needs and ideal time frame, we are better suited than anyone to help you sell your home. 

In fact, we’re so confident, we’ll still guarantee the sale of your home! If we can’t sell your home for a fair price in your ideal time frame, we’ll buy it from you!

Still no-hassle, still 100% Free

We’re here to make your virtual home selling experience 100% stress free — including the consultation itself! There’s absolutely zero cost to scheduling and attending your Virtual Home Selling Consultation. Also, you are under no obligation to work with us after you come to the meeting (but trust us — you’ll want to!)

Here are the cons on selling your home virtually:

  1. We won’t get to meet you in person yet
  2. That’s it!

When you sell your home virtually with the Keri Shull Team, you get all of the premium service, care, and dedication that you would get from an in-person consultation. There’s no reason to let these uncertain times keep you from finding a solution to your real estate needs, after all!

So if you’re ready to work with the DMV’s #1 team to sell your home virtually, we are standing by to help! Just click here to learn how you can schedule your Virtual Home Selling Consultation today — we’re looking forward to meeting you online!