De’Leon La Fleur was born in South America in a country called Guyana, and he moved to America when he was young. He was raised in the DMV for most of his life and currently resides in Maryland. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering, majoring in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University. During his time at ODU, he served as a Campus Ambassador, showing people around the campus. This experience marked the beginning of his journey in discovering a passion for becoming a real estate agent, inspired by his desire to help people find their dream homes, similar to the assistance he provided to upcoming college students in finding their dream schools.

Before entering the real estate world, he started his professional career as a Project Engineer for a commercial construction company. In this role, he assisted in managing commercial projects, such as airport lounges and improvement projects for existing buildings. In his free time, he enjoys exploring and trying different activities with his friends, including exploring new restaurants, traveling the world, and experiencing different cultures. He has a love for working out in the gym and volunteering when he can.