Being close to the Department of Defense’s headquarters may sound serious, but with Pentagon City Mall at its heart, there is much in the way of leisure and luxury in this neighborhood.

Follow the Keri Shull Team as we list a number of reasons Pentagon City is a cherished neighborhood of Arlington.

About the Neighborhood

Pentagon City, located in the southeast sector of the county, adjacent to the airport, is a relatively young district when compared to others in Arlington. Its origin only goes as far back as the 1940s, and the commercial sections surfaced much later. But what it lacks in history, it makes up for in current appeal. There are plenty of things to do in Pentagon City. 

Less than a mile to the north is the Pentagon, which explains how this neighborhood got its name. The Department of Defence’s headquarters isn’t the only structure of note nearby. Right around the corner are tourist attractions like the Arlington National Cemetery and Pentagon Memorial, an outdoor monument memorializing the victims who lost their lives during the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. A series of illuminated benches are arranged within the memorial grounds, each containing the name and age of a victim.

Characterized by its developed urban layout, the city can be best compared to Rosslyn with its multi-story buildings, busy streets, and bustling sidewalks lined with retail and restaurants. Shopping centers, fine dining, and community events give this neighborhood a lot of charisma, which is why it’s such a popular place to live outside of D.C.

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Top Places – Pentagon City

Pentagon Row

Pentagon Row is a stretch of commercial and residential buildings at the center of the neighborhood. It comprises several luxury apartment complexes, and these residents have the pleasure of enjoying events held at the Row’s plaza―everything from movie screenings to the Sip & Stroll policy allowing you to walk around a designated area with drink in tow. During the winter months, the second largest ice skating rink is open to the public. If there’s not enough here, right across the street is an even larger span of retail space.

Pentagon City Mall – Fashion Centre

Conveniently linked to the metro station is a multi-level shopping mall. The Fashion Centre is the biggest mall in Arlington, so it sees a lot of foot traffic. And with well over 150 stores, it’s easy for those who love shopping to spend a Saturday going from one department store to the next.

Virginia Highlands Park

18-acres of sports grounds, playgrounds, and green space sit to the south of Fashion Centre. Visitors can reserve space for basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis, or one of the many picnic areas―plenty of options for outdoor fun with family and friends, including an extravagant splash pad to cool off during the hot summer months. The Virginia Highlands Park is a short walk from the metro station and has free parking, so it’s easily accessible for residents and local visitors.

Living in Pentagon City

Residents of Pentagon City enjoy all the conveniences that come with living in a commercialized area. They have access to excellent food and entertainment. Washington D.C., with all its sight-seeing and amenities, is just on the other side of the Potomac, and the Pentagon City metro station is located at the heart of the neighborhood―within walking distance for many!

Real estate in this neighborhood consists mostly of high-rise apartment complexes, like the Gramercy and Park at Pentagon Row to name only a couple. 

Due to the location and host of local businesses, Pentagon City is a popular destination for young professionals, especially with it being the site of Amazon’s HQ2, which is going to transform the Washington DC tech scene. Even with busy peak hours, the metro is the preferred mode of transportation for commuters.

Finding a Home in Pentagon City

Right now real estate is still red hot in areas like Pentagon City, in part due to low interest rates and continuous development. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, one that supports a more active lifestyle, then Pentagon City is the next best option outside of living in DC on a budget.

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