The busy spring home-selling season is right around the corner. This means that home stagers will need to brush up on the latest trends in order to most effectively market their house. Here are a few of the latest style tips to consider when staging a home:


In today’s increasingly wired world, it is important to showcase all of the smart features of a home in order to appeal to technologically savvy buyers. Although it is usually impossible to automate everything in a staged home, it is important to put the focus on things that truly matter to buyers. Simple actions such as switching out regular lights for smart bulbs, installing a smart thermostat, and adding a smart home security system can go a long way in enticing prospective buyers to take a further look.


One of the top objectives of any home staging is to create a space where prospective buyers can visualize their own things. Although you want the home to exude style and charm, you also need it to be devoid of personal belongings that will impede the buyer’s imagination. Getting rid of personal photos, removing bathroom products, and keeping clothes out of sight will make the house more attractive to buyers. The end goal is for people to feel like they can make this place their own home.


The modern farmhouse styling trend is showing no signs of slowing down. As more people have become concerned about sustainability, the use of reclaimed wood has skyrocketed. Reclaimed wood is in and this style perfectly complements the modern farmhouse look. Putting reclaimed wood pieces front and center in the staging of the home will increase the overall visual appeal while using classic farmhouse colors throughout the home will create an inviting space.


One of the latest trends in home design is the rise in popularity of the outdoor living area. As these spaces become more elaborate, it is important to give a little TLC to the backyard of the home. Taking the time to spruce up the landscaping and make the space inviting will help buyers to visualize long summer evenings enjoying their backyard and connecting with family and friends.


If you have limited time and money to throw into the staging process, be sure to focus on the spaces that really matter. Rooms that buyers care the most about are the kitchen, living areas, and master bedroom. It is not as important to stage auxiliary areas such as a children’s playroom, guest bedrooms, or home office.


Although this tip can involve more work, it is recommended to go neutral with wall colors. If you have walls that are brightly colored, painting them a neutral color will bring out the natural assets of the space. Colors to consider include beige, gray, and cream.

Although it can be overwhelming to start the staging process, the work will pay off big dividends once the home goes on the market.